When a physician centers his attention and summons his ointment faculties to comprehend and minister unto a little child he must feel stirring within him a deep compassion; tender, like that of the Infinite Father for His creatures; and he has need of wisdom and sagacity almost divine.

Its unstable character unfits it for cream medicinal use. Coronary artery becomes affected with annular thickening of betnovate the tunica intima, the result of some cause or causes at present imperfectly known. There was no connection between the abdominal tumor and the uterus: tinea. Cruris - organic diseases of the heart, emphysema of the lungs, cirrhosis of the liver, Bright's disease, phthisis and alcoholism are evidently,in most of the cases, the cause of the gastritis. Senn, dipropionate literally absolutely, in every sense, threw light upon an exceedingly dark subject. On the arrival of the stretcher at the waggon, the bearer near the part which is first to be inserted should be ready to move round steroid the end of the pole in his left hand, retaining, while he does so, the support of this pole only. Billings, who will, 0.1 no doubt, wait without repining until his turn fairly comes. Benedikt has reduced craniometry to a science, showing that the skull buy is built upon crystallographic principles. Should general erysipelas occur as a.sequel to confinement, the disease skin is usually of very grave character, and is almost inevitably fatal. A man with a thick skin did not appreciate mild treatment; if he felt the remedy acting on the skin with a certain amount of pain and burning, he thought an topical efficient drug was being used, and the efficacy of these drugs as a rule was in proportion to their irritating qualities. A valuable piece of land having been presented for the purpose by the land owners at Nennal, a village seventy versts distant from Dorpat, it is proposed to locate upon 0.05 this forty or fifty lepers who are still able to work. Sometimes p a n o p h thalmitis, with its at-tendant train of destructive changes,, the usefulness of theeye is not entirely destroyed, and occasionally the result is that the patient london retains a visual organ somewhat similar in condition and appearance to that which remains Incised and punctured wounds of the sclerotic differ from those caused by rupture in this respect. This is done not only to furnish an adequate breathing space, but also to provide free drainage for baby the secretion from the nose and its accessory sinuses. For - teinperatun o'clock, and the first symptom- appeared about re vomiting, and were thin, watery, and ii, very offensive, and contain) ra no convulsions or swelling id" the face.

This extreme view of wjcon the dangers of tubal pregnancy is not entertained by the German and French authors.


Of this grouj the two loftiest peaks are those known respectively as the Piz Bei'nina and the Monte della Disgrazia, the at Baedeker's map of the Eastern Alps will show the reader that the Upper Engadine is separated by a very considerable distance from any extensive district of decidedly lower-lying country; and it is to this fact, and not to the mere elevation above sea-level of the Engadine features of the climate of this region: gm. The base of the patches, at this stage, is of a very dark bistre-brown colour (hair).

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